Forkdeal Ltd Official distributor of Kalmar Forklifts. Associate of Toyota Material Handling Greece.

ForkDeal was founded in 2014, following the closure of Alexander Demetriou & Sons Ltd which was the prior representative of Kalmar & Toyota Material Handling Europe, in Cyprus. Alexander Demetriou & Sons LTD has been the sole distributor and dealer in Cyprus, from 1995 until 2013. The business distribution agreement covered all related areas, from new equipment to spare parts and after-sale service.

During its 20year tenure as a sole distributor, Alexander Demetriou & Sons LTD enjoyed unrivaled sales success and managed to gain and maintain a 95% market share for Kalmar products. The primary client for Kalmar products, was the ports of Limassol and Larnaca and to a lesser extent other companies dealing with containers and general cargo. It’s worth  mentioning that the company managed to sell a significant amount of small forklifts and storage equipment (a number close to 2000), in various business sectors of the Cyprus market.
Having invested a great deal in establishing the company as well as the different brands I was representing in the Cyprus market as the sales manager for Kalmar & Toyota products, I have officially taken the business decision to continue on the work as the owner of ForkDeal Ltd. Alexander Demetriou’s  reputation and client relations built over the years, are a result of this dedication and drive during my residency there as a Sales Manager. This period dates back to 1979 and ends in 2013, counting 34 creative & successful years.

The company’s decision to proceed with closure and my redundancy as a result of this decision, were the reasons why I took the lead into expanding further this business opportunity.
My next step was to contact Kalmar where I expressed my desire to continue representing the brand in the Cyprus market. Given my long term relationship with the clients as well as my know how & expertise in the field, Kalmar responded positively to the call and appointed me as a Kalmar distributor & dealer for Cyprus. For the same reasons mentioned above, I also reached out to Toyota Material Handling Greece, where the agreement sealed, placed ForkDeal as the official associate in Cyprus for the sale of all the products. Aside from sales, our agreement also covers rental services as well as technical support services for all the products distributed in the Cyprus market.

Having outlined the main reasons why ForkDeal can be certainly considered as the best solution for you, it is important to note that a future cooperation will be a valuable one and will yield the anticipated economic projections. I personally hope that you can see the added value and consider a collaboration with my company.